I Never Wanted to Be This Tragic

The Most Powerful Ghost in the Western Hemisphere

Anna Korlov
19 November
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Just A Ghost in This House
Here Lies
Anna Korlov
November 19, 1941 - April 26, 1958
Gone Too Soon
Just A Whisper of Smoke
Class: 2014
Voicemail: 555-DEAD
Room Number: 205
Class Schedule Fall 2013: TBD
OOC E-Mail: screwyoumarvel AT gmail DOT com
There's Another Ghost Here
Big Sibling: Tara Maclay
Roommate: Mavis Dracula

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Ghost Story | Cute Ghost Girl | Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl | Woman in White | Blood-Spattered Dancing Dress | Reluctant Monster | Haunted House
Anna Dressed in Blood
Girl of Nightmares

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