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I Never Wanted to Be This Tragic

The Most Powerful Ghost in the Western Hemisphere

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"Hi, this is...this is Anna. This is so weird. I can't come to the phone right now, but if you leave a message I'll try to get back to you."


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The Preserve, Thursday Evening
Anna is thinky, Anna is pensive
Thursday morning, just as Anna had been beginning to wonder what exactly she was supposed to do now, if she needed to move out of the dorms or what, she had gotten a letter from Portalocity, apologizing for any inconvenience and requesting her to report that evening for a reroute to her correct final destination. It sounded pretty ominous even before considering she was reasonably sure her 'correct final destination' was the bleak place she'd dragged the Obeahman to before she fell through a portal and wound up here.

Based on what she knew of Portalocity, she wasn't really surprised it had taken them two years to figure it out. And while she supposed she could have just...not shown up for her portal, she thought it might be for the best. She wasn't ever going to be alive, after all. Maybe it was best to just go on. At least she'd gotten to graduate from high school first. She'd packed up her few possessions for donation, made a few phone calls, and now she was in the designated location for her portal, waiting.

The portal was late. Of course it was.

((Anna's last post! Open to anyone who wants to say goodbye.))

Availability of Suck
Anna is a little wibbly
So: long story short, my grandfather is on hospice and in really bad shape, and I barely have the presence of mind to remember what day it is and whether I've brushed my teeth right now, so don't expect to see me around for a while. I don't know how much longer this is going to last, honestly, so...I'll be back when I'm back. This goes for all my crew. I don't have the ability to come up with a reason why, so everyone just pretend they're around but super quiet. Except Natasha, Natasha's probably off assassining again.

I want also to apologize to everyone I've blown off or dropped threads with over the last few months, this is the thing I wasn't talking about that was behind all of that.

In conclusion, fuck cancer.

OOC: Infopost
Anna fixes her hair

Oh right. Info. That's why we're here.

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I also play severely neglected off-island alumni swerval_zero (Skank Zero Hopeless-Savage, Hopeless Savages), multiplez (Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado, Power Rangers: SPD), and exspeedydotcom (Roy Harper, Green Arrow). If you have any questions about any of them please feel free to ask!

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Room 205, Thursday Afternoon
Anna is a little wibbly
Amid the rain of adorable that held the rest of the island in its grip, one person was afraid to leave her room. Cats, after all, tended to freak out around ghosts. And there were suddenly cats everywhere. Puppies too, of course, but the kittens were more of a concern. She didn't want to ruin it for everyone else when the kittens suddenly freaked out and ran away when she entered a room.

So Anna was just going to sit here on her bed, her creepy doll in her lap, feeling sorry for herself. Being dead was the pits.

((Open door, open post, mopey ghost.))

Outside Room 205, then in Room 202, Saturday Morning
Anna is pleasant
Anna had raced back from town as quickly as she could--she was clumsy and uncoordinated, and having some trouble with breathing and running at the same time, but she'd made pretty good time for all that because--well, because she was terrified of what she was going to find when she got here and terror gave one wings, it seemed. It had taken her two tries to get into the dorms, but by the time she crested the stairs to the second floor she'd basically forgotten that lesson in her panic, which was why she ran full-tilt into the door to her room--and, of course, rebounded, clutching at her nose. "Ow!"

Then she tried the doorknob and remembered oh, yeah, she didn't have a key. Because she was in the wrong body. (Also, she usually didn't bother carrying the key around anyway, since it wasn't like she needed it. But that was beside the point.)

"Hello?" she called softly through the door, both afraid of waking Stacey if she was in there and...well, afraid of what else might be in her room. " anyone in there?" And more importantly, how inexplicably homicidal did they or did they not feel right now?

From the Docks to the Isle of IKEA, Wednesday Afternoon
Anna is pleasant
Long ago in days of yore, it all began with a god named Thor...okay, on Wednesday afternoon, Anna stood on the dock and waited for the arrival of the others who were going (along with anyone else who wanted to show up; this was hardly a private trip) and a shuttle-longboat from the Isle of Ikea. She'd cashed in her first paychecks from the Devil's Nest, and now needed stuff beyond a dress and a creepy doll. She'd taken the precaution of writing down a tentative shopping list in case she couldn't leave the island this way, either, in hopes the others would help her out. She was actually excited about the outing, enough so that she felt a bit silly.

((A few have been invited, but if anyone else wants to tag along they're totally welcome! Events on the Isle of Ikea NFB due to off-islandness.))

Room 205, Monday Evening
Anna is thinky, Anna is pensive
Now that Anna had a job and an income, she had to think about what to do with it. As a ghost, she didn't need much, but she did need some things if she was going to pass as somewhat normal, and currently her only possessions in the world were her dress and the doll sitting on the bare mattress of her bed. So she'd borrowed a piece of paper and a pen from her roommate's side of the room (she hoped Stacey wouldn't mind) and sat at her desk, working on a list of things she needed.

"First things first," she muttered to herself as she put pen to paper. "Shoes, and we'll see how that goes." Then she glanced over at her bed and added, "And then sheets. Maybe something to...liven this place up a little." Or make it look less vacant, at least.

((Open door, open post!))

Room 205, Thursday Afternoon
Anna is a little wibbly
Anna was having one of her bad days.

She'd been okay during Pinkie Pie's class--the city had been beautiful, and even when the dolls had showed up, she hadn't really understood what the big deal was at first. But then she got back to her room, and looked at her half, still completely bare like no one lived there, and it hit her that no one did. Because she was dead, and this was all just some kind of sick joke by the universe. What was the point of a ghost going to high school, really?

So she was curled up on her bare mattress, sobbing streaky grey tears into her hands, when she...heard something or felt something, she couldn't say which, and looked up, hurriedly wiping her face, to find a doll in a weirdly appropriate dress sitting in the middle of the floor. She thought dimly that if the doll had had dark hair, it could have been her. "You can't hurt me," she told it in a tear-choked voice. "I'm already dead." Then came a fresh flood of tears, and she buried her face in her hands again.

When she looked up again, the doll was sitting on the edge of the mattress. Anna eyed it for a moment, then looked away to sniffle and wipe at her face with the hem of her dress. She felt a small weight settle against her side, and when she looked, startled, the doll was right there, leaning against her. She looked down at it, and the doll...turned its head to look up at her. Right. Anna tentatively wrapped her arms around the doll, and when it didn't attempt to claw her face off or anything, she curled up around it, pressed her face to its head, and quietly let tears like charcoal-tinted water seep into the doll's already dirty synthetic blonde hair.

((Door is closed but post is open if anyone wants to deal with an emo ghost girl! Yes, Anna has made a friend. I couldn't resist.))

The Causeway, Friday Morning
Anna finds this unpossible
One moment all was fire, the next, Anna was falling again, then landing with a thump at the mouth of the causeway. She scrambled to her feet just in time to see the portal she'd just come through wink out of existence, and to hear a cheerful voice say, "Thank you for choosing Portalocity!"

"What?" she asked the air. "I didn't choose anything! Where am I?" And what was a Portalocity?

She took two steps onto the causeway before running smack into an invisible barrier. She couldn't go another step. She didn't know if it was a ward, or a curse, or what (Could you even ward a bridge? She had no idea.), but it was there, and it was keeping her in. So she turned and looked toward what appeared to be a castle. Maybe there were answers to be had there.

((And Anna is now on the island! Establishy, unless someone wants to notice Anna on her way to the picnic!))


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