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OOC: Infopost

Oh right. Info. That's why we're here.

The Characters
Alexander Aaron, aka Alex, aka Alexander Ares-son, aka Phobos
*Canon: Marvel Comics, specifically the Ares: God of War miniseries and Secret Warriors.
* Student, Junior, 15
* Hails most recently from the Bronx, New York.
* Likes include Xbox, Chinese food, Pop-Tarts, being a hero, and swords. Especially Xbox. Dislikes include Loki. His reasons are valid.
* Veers between puppyish and hyperactive and broody and somewhat creepy.
* Is actually Phobos, god of fear; it's not just a code name.
* So if you want to notice the 'fear god' underlying creepiness, or that he's massively powerful if that's something your character would notice, feel free.
* My original infopost was written the day I regained power following my area being slammed by massive tornadoes, and as such it reads kind of crazy. But for more on how Alex's powers work (and to check in on that if you so wish) you can go here.

Anna Korlov, aka Anna Dressed in Blood
* Canon: Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake
* Student, Senior, 16
* Has been 16 since 1958, as that would be when she was brutally murdered by her mother
* She's a ghost. A very corporeal ghost, but a ghost.
* Hails from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
* Quiet, shy, has been wearing the same white cotton party dress and no shoes for sixty years. Except for when her get-up gets way more macabre...
* Has an alter ego who, frankly, I'd rather meet the Hulk in a dark alley.
* Likes include cooking, photography, and hockey. Dislikes include being trapped inside her house for sixty years with no ability to stop murdering everyone who stepped inside.
* Doesn't tell everyone she meets she's a ghost, but as she has been described as 'the most powerful spirit in the Western Hemisphere,' if your character would notice the scary giant dark aura, or just that she's dead, feel free to do so.
* For more on how Anna and her more terrifying other half function, see her original infopost here.

Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow
* Canon: Marvel Movieverse
* Townie, running Atlas Gym when I'm not severely neglecting her, age redacted
* Gorgeous, Russian (though her accent is pure American), can kill you in twelve ways with her little finger
* Likes to think she's still mostly undercover, even though it's been partially blown about five times by now
* Lives with Clint Barton so_hawkward
* Likes include ballet, cheeseburgers, those cookies Clint knows she likes, vodka, and sharp objects. Dislikes include talking about her past and Barton being compromised.
* It looks like I never did an original infopost for her, but I figure you've all seen these movies, and she hasn't been around that much because I suck, so.

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America
* Canon: Marvel Comics
* Teacher, age 95 (will turn 96 tomorrow!)
* Except for how he was frozen for a while. You all know how this goes, right?
* Basically the most decent guy you could ever hope to meet.
* Captain America retired following Civil War and the whole being dead thing (except I went off the grid and instead of being dead he was teaching at FH for a while) to teach high school.
* Likes include jazz, baseball, art, America, and Tony Starks. Dislikes include Nazis and reporters who ask him what Myspace is.
* This one time? He punched Hitler.
* He's been here for forever and I'm not sure how helpful my original infoposts would be. If you have any questions please ask me. (Not you, Alanna.)

Petra West, aka Miss Teen Dream Rhode Island, formerly AKA JT Woodland
* Canon: Beauty Queens by Libba Bray (read it read it read it omg this book is the bomb)
* Alumna, age 18
* MTF transgender beauty queen and former boy band member
* Her band, Boyz Will B Boyz, ruled the chart with such hits as "Safe Tween Crush" for about six months when Petra was twelve. Then they fell from fame and their manager ran off with all their money.
* One of the the surviving members of the Miss Teen Dream pageant's plane crash on a deserted island
* From a world where The Corporation runs almost everything and pop culture is somewhat different. Also, there are footnotes1
* Dreams of being an actress
* Likes include sewing, reading, fashion, and old Hollywood movies.
* I very quickly devolve into, "You guys, she's just awesome," on the subject of Petra, so her original infopost is here to give you more information.

1Like, a lot of footnotes.

I also play severely neglected off-island alumni swerval_zero (Skank Zero Hopeless-Savage, Hopeless Savages), multiplez (Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado, Power Rangers: SPD), and exspeedydotcom (Roy Harper, Green Arrow). If you have any questions about any of them please feel free to ask!

The Player
Z, 28, unemployed librarian. I live in Alabama, and my internet access is somewhat spotty sometimes; I'm most often available in the evening to late night Central time. I've been really flaky lately but I'm trying to get better. I like Marvel comics, a lot of random YA lit, and Real Madrid CF. I'm on Twitter at @missvchick and AIM at fireballofz, and I don't have a tumblr yet because...IDK. I'm also contactable via e-mail.

Questions? Comments? Random GIFs?
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